Dogs and Saviors

In the self-description of my Instagram account I declare that, “A dog taught me how to love.” A short while ago I received and email asking about it. This conversation helped me. And I hope it helped someone else.

What is it about dogs that helped? Kind of going through some life bullshit right now, have always wanted a dog but never invested in one before, just wanted your thoughts if you don't mind.

A dog is utterly consistent and compels you to be as well. A dog's love is unconditional and that causes one to examine what love is and means and whether or not our love is also unconditional or transactional. A dog can't look after itself. You become his or her custodian and must begin to live for something outside of, or apart from Self. This opens the eyes to life on a different scale. For me this was monumental. I never had children. A dog became, for awhile, that higher demand. And I grew.

Thank you, it seems like it may be worth my investment, I need a change in my life and focusing on something else is probably best for me so I can grow, much like you mentioned.  I need to make a change or I won't make it past 35.  Thanks for the quick response too, I am sure you get flooded with messages daily, thanks for taking the time to share.

A dog will change you. Expose you to yourself. He or she will be a mirror like no other. I need one right now but circumstances prevent it - I'm on the road too much. If you have the chance adopt a dog. Go to a shelter. Just sit with them. Observe. And if you can, rescue one from death row. The life you save may be your own. Trite sounding words, perhaps. But also true.

Honestly I am hoping it does save my life.  In the military, multiple deployments, usual associated bullshit.  Multiple guys going through similar issues told me that getting a dog saved their life, and they adopted like you said which saved that dog's life, mutually beneficial.  Just feel bad as I am not sure how much time I can actually devote due to work but it may force me to get home at a decent hour and focus on something else than work.

If you can offer a dog a better life than death, do it. If you can offer a dog a better life than doggie jail, do it. I was on the phone with a guy tonight - prior military, a dozen years in, and now, back in the valley (in climber speak) having trouble integrating because no one down here speaks the same language, because they never experienced or saw the same things. Work isn't the answer. The higher calling you once lived for doesn't matter here. So maybe a dog becomes that thing higher than Self, and a savior.

That's some serious gospel right there.  Will be checking for shelter locations tomorrow.  Thanks again.

Mark Twight
Mark Twight