This is the original “director’s cut” made by Paul Giraud. The later version was a bit softer, and the music less interesting. I wrote about my trip to Antarctica with Mark Wilford and the film crew in the chapter titled “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” in “Kiss or Kill”. I really enjoyed working with Giraud and his assistant Mikael Glattes. Paul had an incredible eye, and he got the most out of us by being more understanding about the dangers of climbing icebergs - or being anywhere near them for that matter - than the leader of the safety crew. Sadly, Paul and Mikael were killed in a helicopter accident while filming in the Yukon in June 2000. A rotor blade clipped a terrain feature and the chopper tumbled into a crevasse. Three of the bodies were recovered more than a year later, while the fourth was finally pulled from the wreckage in September 2002. Variety published a report here.