Pushing The Limits

During the time I lived in Chamonix I worked with action film director Thierry Donard. He had made a couple of incredible ski and snowboard films, the energy of which more than made up for any technical shortcomings. In 1990 and 1991 his company, MGA Action Pictures produced a couple of short pilot films using “Pushing the Limits” as the title. I climbed in both, did a bit of skiing, and worked long hours to shoot and edit a “making of” program for each. In 1992 MGA, Canal Plus, and Flach Film began work on a 35mm feature-length version of “Pushing the Limits”. Due to some (quite shitty) circumstances I ended up playing the lead role opposite Fiona Gelin. She’d been in the 1984 “Parole de Flic” with Alain Delon and is quite appreciated in France for her “photos de charme”. We shot on location in France, Switzerland, Bolivia and Argentina over the course of a year. Editing took a while and it almost didn’t get made. I was also the music supervisor for the film, credited as Marcello Twitti. The film opened in a bunch of theaters in France and earned a following among skydivers for its incredible sky surfing sequences. Teenagers also seemed to like it. These days used VHS copies might still be found otherwise it’s a relic. The clip here shows the only ice climbing sequence in the film. There is some info and a trailer (in French) here.